We all know that finding the perfect treats for our pets can be difficult. Each dog is different and has their own likes and dislikes.

And as groomers, we see lots of dogs each week, whom may suffer from allergies to a certain food type or whom are fussy eaters.

Taking this into consideration, we created our own Dog Bakery


By Posh Pooches Dog Grooming

Our all natural treats are made with only the finest ingredients.  We add NO salt, sugar, artificial flavorings, colouring's or preservatives.  Each batch is mixed, rolled, and cut by hand, then slowly baked to pawfection.

Tipton Fog Bakery's wholesome treats are the result of our ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality, natural products for the health and well being of your dogs.  When you open the package you can smell the rich, distinct aroma of fresh baked goodness.

All our treats are freezable, enabling you to buy your precious pooches these delicious treats from us and keep them Fresh. Storing them in the fridge, they can be consumed up to two weeks from the date they were made.
Because we all want the best for our dogs, Where milk is used, it is only organic milk, eggs are free range and chocolate coatings are made from safe doggy chocolate. A large percentage of profits made from the doggy chocolate is donated to the PDSA.

All our treats are beautifully packed in paw print wrapping with a his or hers ribbon. A large percentage of the profits made from these packages is donated to animal charities.

Flavours Available:

Treat prices start at £1.

We make doggy treats, cakes and bakes to order. We attend local dog shows and fairs, selling our high quality treats.
Special orders for Halloween and Christmas being taken now.



keep track of all the new recipes in our Dog Bakery Cookbook below and see recipes to try at home.
Please feel free to send us pictures on Facebook of your K9 Comapnions enjoying our treats!
Orders now being taken for christmas treats, cakes and bakes!! So why not get your special pooch something extra special, and give them one of our unique, all natural treats!!  Please contact us via our contact page or through our Facebook



to visit the Tipton Dog Bakery on Facebook for the latest offers



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