This fabulous event is in its second year

An event to celebrate good grooming techniques, meet the 250+ delegates, grooming advice and demonstrations from some of the best groomers from across the world and a gorgeous 3 course a la carte meal in the gala dinner evening.
Posh Pooches likes to keep up to date with all the latest grooming techniques, grooming methods and animal care, to make sure we stay at the height of our field.
Please enjoy looking through our photos that capture just some of the parts of our amazing weekend!!

July 8th 2012

To continue our work helping out stray and unwanted dogs in this area, we decided to set our selves the ulti-mutt ;o) Christmas Mission 

There are over 80 dogs in Birmingham Dogs Home at any one time. These dogs are desperate for a forever home. But for some, being in a nice, warm, family home at Christmas just doesnt happen. 

So we intend to make sure they have the most fabulous Christmas possible!!

We are asking everyone to get together in helping us find 80 dogs toys, 80 pieces of bedding (blankets/beds/cushions) and 80 lots of treats. Plus any other doggy related items you no longer have use for (coats/jumpers/leads/collars/shampoos/brushes)

Myself and my sister will be having a Doggy Bake-athon. Where we will bake hundreds of Doggy Deli treats and deliver them at Christmas with all the other items we collect, to Birmingham Dogs Home.

If you would like to help by having your own collection bin, please let me know, so i can tell everyone of the drop off points.

July 7th 2012

Donations to Birmingham Dogs Home
Posh Pooches was presented with a certificate of merit, by Birmingham Dogs Home.

It was to thank us for our continued support, and helping to ensure care, comfort and welfare of the stray and unwanted dogs in this area.
Posh Pooches would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated blankets and bedding over the last few months.

All 5 huge sack fulls were taken to Birmingham Dogs home today. Including 2 gorgeous dog cushions bought by Posh Pooches :-D

There will be lots of comfy Pooches at the dogs home this weekend !!

May 25th 2012
Posh Pooches in the press

The Posh Pooches team were very happy to have been featured in two local newspapers. Did you see our stories ?

Our friends, family and customers, were very happy that their beloved K9 companions are cared for and groomed by THE ONLY AWARD WINNING SALON in the area !!

So if you havn't yet experienced our unbeatable standards,
and excellent grooming ability....then give us a call today
and take advantage of our current offers:

Tel:  07989 793 761 
you wont be disappointed

March 1st 2012
Posh Pooches becomes an

Thanks to a Grooming Supplies Company, we were presented with the 'GROOMING SALON SPOTLIGHT' award.

This award is presented to THE BEST Groomers across the country with OUTSTANDING standards and care towards the animals, EXCLUSIVE services and EXCELLENT customer service.
We are very pleased to have been nominated and to win this prestigious award. 

This is testimony of our dedication to the gorgeous Posh Pooches that we groom, unbeatable service and our passion for grooming excellence

February 4th 2012 ... Learn With The Experts

In association with Eukanuba and Dog World. This was the second event of its kind, held at The Kennel Club Buildings in Stoneleigh.
This event was a great day out for all ages interested in the world of dogs. I am a firm believer in that you are either good with dogs or your not, its not really something you can learn. And luckily for us, as your dogs will show you, we've definately got it!! So in our spare time we like to learn as much as we possibly can, whether it be grooming, handling, health care or nutriton.

The day consisted of seminars, demonstrations and presentations from experts in all aspects of dog care.

The agenda for the day:
-Presentation by Dog world writer Andrew Brace
-Presentation by Nutritionist Kellie Ceccarelli from Eukanuba
-Seminar by vet Dr Ron James on Breeding healthy dogs
-Presentation by my favourite groomer, whom if your in the know in grooming and showing, you'll know he needs no introduction- the fabulous Mike Gadsby.
Presentation on coat care by Di Johnson
-Handling Competition
-Handling Demonstrations by Geoff Corish, Michael Coad, Mike Gadsby & Jason Lynn
-Grooming Demonstrations and tips by Mich Dale, Margaret Anderson & Phil Davies
-Dog Photography tips from Lisa Croft Elliot & Carrie Russell-Smith -Show Quality grooming products and accessories were on sale.
I had a great time catching up with my groomer friends Emma Harries of The Grooming Parlour in Burton and Award winning groomer Lesley Harpham of Dog Grooming Gorgeous in Shrivenham. It was an amazing event which i will definately attend again !
Cheryl Greenhough

January 21st 2012  -  Dog World's 1st Rescue Symposium

I think all dog people are beginning to realise that rescue and welfare are the most important issues to dog breeders and puppy buyers in the UK today.

My worry is that rather like those terrible, distressing images of the starving in Africa, we will become immune to the dire straits of so many dogs in this country.
We all know that the circumstances that bring a dog into rescue are many and varied but only by treating each separate issue with common sense and compassion can we hope to break this cycle of the throwaway society that brings so many dogs to the rescue.

I hope that by making friends and contacts throughout the sphere of rescue we have the possibility of a better safety net and that by numbers we can move policy along in so many constipated organisations, making them sit up and take notice of the thousands of dogs who file through rescue every year while they sit on their hands

Agenda for the day:
Jaqi Bunn: from the Dog Assessment Focus Group, who, along with Kendal Shepherd, formed the group to aid rescue by making informed assessments of dogs in care. Jaqi’s background is in Mastiffs and the other Molosser breeds; she has a very clear idea of how assessment can work for rescue and ultimately, the dog. Jaqi offered positive, useful advice on the day to help you look at assessment of your dogs in a different way.

Rosemary Barry from Pet Detect: With the likelihood of permanent identification of dogs firmly on the agenda for the near future, it is not a subject anyone can ignore.
The Dogs Trust: Love them or hate them one of the most influential large rescues in the UK today is Dogs Trust. This insight into their operations is fascinating and thought provoking. Whether you rescue ten dogs a year or a thousand the issues are the same.
Trevor Cooper: (see picture above) 24 years experience as a solicitor. He has covered everything from disputes between buyers and sellers of puppies to custody battles and of course, the ever present Dangerous Dogs Act and all its problems. Trevor’s experience and expertise guided us through the most common issues surrounding rescue dogs and rescue workers.
Jan Fennell: Internationally acclaimed behaviourist and trainer. If you haven’t read Jan’s book The Dog Listener you have missed a rare treat. You won’t find any ‘alpha rolls’ or excessive physical manhandling here, it’s about building on the natural relationship between dog and man but working with the animal’s inborn traits to offer solutions to training and unwanted behaviour issues. Canine psychology, kind control of a dog’s instincts and reactions empower the trainer to make a positive change in the dog, whatever its age or breed.
This brilliant seminar was very insightful, and a great addition to the work Posh Pooches has planned for the future, in helping rescue dogs and rescue charties in our area.
January 6th 2012
Posh Pooches aimed to set off the new year with a storm. So what better way than to have new dryers and equipment for all our fabulous Posh Pooches and loyal customers !!
At Posh Pooches we intend on continually having the BEST tools and products to make sure we provide THE BEST SERVICE IN THE AREA !!
To do this we bought the most effective and versatile dryer on the market !! This amazing new dryer will make your Very Important Pooch the fluffiest it has ever been ! The higher velocity enables the drying period to be performed more quickly, meaning your dog spends less time on the table.The softer air flow means the dogs hair dries smoother than any other dryer, while helping to prevent knots forming.
Book your special friend in today, and let them experience this fabulous new dryer
December 1st 2011
Dobermann Rescue

This month the Posh Pooches team decided to help out a charity that is very dear to our hearts. As owners of a Dobermann, we have seen first hand how peoples misconceptions of the breed, mean they sometimes have trouble finding new homes when they have been given up by their previous owners

The Dobermann Rescue, like many other breed specific rescues, try to raise money in many different ways which are accessible to people of all walks of life. So if you want to donate £100 or you only have a spare 50p, there is always a way you can help.

The Dobermann Rescue is asking for everyone to save up all their used stamps from cards, packages and parcels. They then sell the stamps to raise funds for the hard work the charity performs.

If you have any used stamps that you would like to donate, then please forward them to me at the Posh Pooches address.

Sunday 25th September 2011  -  Greyhound Gap Chairty Show
At Posh Pooches we like to help out animal charities where ever possible, this month we decided to attend and help out at Greyhound Gap Charity Dog Show.
Greyhound Gap is a small independent charity set up to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a ‘put to sleep’ situation in UK pounds. 
Funded almost entirely by donations, they rehome around 150 dogs each year. 
They can have up to 60 dogs in our care at any one time, in foster homes or in holding kennels awaiting suitable foster homes.
Greyhound Gap operates on a national basis so our dogs can be homed in most areas throughout the UK.

Many of the dogs in the care of Greyhound Gap will spend most if not all of their lives in kennels waiting for someone to come along and take them to a forever home. The highlight of their day comes when volunteers take them out for their walk each day. After their walk they return to their kennels to a treat or chew. Supplies of chews at the charity are running low. So, to help out, Posh Pooches donated a large bag of treats and chews to help out with the charities tireless work.

They have a network of volunteers across the whole of the UK who can help physically by: fostering hounds, fundraising, home visiting, transporting and walking our kennel hounds. They also offer the opportunity to sponsor our long-stay hounds. 

Many attended on the day, although, true to British weather, there was a bit of rain.

All the dogs enjoyed their day and owners loved the stalls for shopping!
Posh Pooches donated grooming gift packs to the charities raffle to help raise money.

August 2011  -  Charity Dog Show

This year we donated Posh Pooches Grooming Packages, shampoos, conditioners, collars and leads and collar jewels to a local charity.

One of the winners of our grooming packages:
James & Debbie Fitzgerald

Owners of 6 dogs, Alfie the lurcher, 3 1/2 years, Honey lurcher 11 months, pip jrt 20 years, pip jrt 3 years, Bonnie staffie 3 years and Dizzy yorkie 13 years, Alfie, Bonnie, Dizzy and Honey came from Rosedene Kennels.

As you can see your prize is very useful to us.
Thanks again, Debbie xx'

Posh Pooches really enjoyed the day out! with all of our customers that attended on the day commented on how much fun they and the dogs had.

Including my favourite terrier, Rose, owned by Shelly Arkless. Rose came for her groom just before the show and then entered the Best Bitch class. Well done to Rose.

Cheryl Greenhough
Head Groomer

Dog Grooming Equipment & Show Supplies

Sunday 14th August 2011  -  Premier Groom

Cheryl is now part of the Show Team for Redcape Grooming Supplies.
Selling Show quality grooming products to current and prospective groomers and customers, while sharing advice on grooming techniques.

The Premier Groom competition is organised by Groom Team England and Red Cape with the Best in Show prize money of a minimum of £1000. It took place at the Kennel Club Buildings in Stoneleigh.

Premier Groom was formed to give people more opportunity to develop and fine tune their competition skills and also to encourage more beginners into the competition ring as well as raising funds for Groom Team England.

It was a fantastic day with way more visitors than last year and the year before. Posh Pooches would like to wish Amy English congratulations on her Best In Show Win.

 I had a great day with all my grooming friends Becki ensell- Judge and Groomer of the year winner, Jitka Krizova- Judge and groomer of the year winner, to mention just a few. Cant wait for the next grooming event'.'
Cheryl Greenhough - (Head Groomer)


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