Each groom is tailored to your dogs breed, coat type and skin condition to ensure the PERFECT service!

Our bespoke salon is designed to make your dog feel at home.
Your dog will be groomed on a one to one basis in a stress-free environment.
-When you bring your dog to us for the first time we will have a consultation of your grooming requirements. This will ensure we provide the style of cut you prefer.
-Your dog will then get a Full Health Check to help spot any health problems to be cautious of during the grooming. We will inform you of anything irregular you may not know about.

-The preparation involves a Full Groom ThroughNails Cut and any clipping they may need before the bath.




-The bathing service is a provided in the state-of-the-art doggy HYDROBATH SPA!
We are the ONLY salon in this area with this Veterinary Recommeded bathing system. Fully heated water is pumped through to massage the dog, removing any dead hair and skin, to encourage new hair and skin growth.
Veterinarians advise dogs with itchy skin, imflammed skin, allergies or skin infections, to be bathed in this bath to help treat and cure these problems !!


-All of our shampoos, conditioners and grooming sprays are hypo-allergenic and perfectly PH balanced to suit dogs skin. The products we use are tested, approved and recommended by VETS!!
We offer a wide variety of shampoos from whitener for white and light coated breeds, black gloss for dark coated breeds, insecticidal shampoo to remove fleas or ticks, medicated shampoo for dogs with itchy, scaley or inflamed skin and conditioners to nourish the coat and sooth the skin.

Grooming sprays are then applied to help prevent future knots and to keep the coat smooth for weeks after the groom. All products are show-quality and not commercial quality like most groomers use-as these are often cheap and not suitable for sensitive skin, as we believe what is good enough for a show dog, is good enough for you precious little pooch!
-Your dog will then be dried using a professional blaster for big dogs or hand dryer for small dogs- NO CABINET DRYERS USED!
-Dogs will then get a final clip over to make sure the cut is perfectly tidy!

-Ears will then be cleaned/plucked if required.
-Finally, a perfumed spray is applied to your dogs coat to keep that 'just groomed' smell for weeks!
We also sell a variety of Perfume sprays, Shampoos, Conditioners and Grooming Tools, tested and used on our own dogs.

Posh Pooches holds the BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management.




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