Our Dental Care package can be added to you dogs regular groom while with us at Posh Pooches. 
Small Dogs: £2
Large Dogs: £3
Canine dental care is essential to their health and hygiene. Regular teeth and gum cleaning can help prevent gum disease, bad breath and plaque and tartar build up.
Our Posh Pooches Dental Care package includes:

Teeth Clean: Enzymatic Toothpaste based on a highly
 palatable formula. Enzymatic system which actively enhances the natural defence mechanisms of the mouth. Removes food, plaque and bacteria.


Dental Gel: Veterinary oral hygiene gel containing a multi enzyme complex which works on the plaque helping to destroy existing plaque and prevent the formation of new plaque.
Fresh Breath Spray:With the fresh scent of eucalyptus, this spray also contains antibacterial agents to help keep your dog's mouth fresher and more hygienic.
After their Doggy Dental with us, there will be minty fresh kisses all round !!
(Please note: Dogs with gum disease or infected/broken teeth can not have their teeth cleaned while with us. This would encourage the spread of bacteria from the infected sites to the clean healthy teeth.)


Nail Trimming & Filing- £5

This is needed for all dogs. Even if your dog has lots of exercise, sometimes during their life,  their nails may need some attention. Call to book an appointment, or just pop in! As this only takes a few minutes. If your dog is booked in for another grooming package, the nails trimming is including free of charge! Finished with a filing to take off any rough edges and paw wax.

Bath, Blow Dry & Groom

This package is perfect for all your smooth haired breeds such as Boxers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Jack Russel's or Pugs.

This package includes free nail clipping and filing, ears cleaned, on request.
It is also good for your
thicker, double-coated breeds such as Spitz, Pomeranians, Shepards and Collies. Dead hair or matts will be groomed out making your special friend feel fabulous!

Full Groom

This is the package for all breeds that need an all-over professional styling. This may be clipping, scisossoring or hand stripping.

The package includes health check, pre-bath groom through to remove any knots, bath in the state-of-the-art hydrobath spa, blow dry, nails cut & filed, ears cleaned on request. For breeds such as Bichon Frise, Shih-tzu, Airedale Terrier, Springer Spaniel or poodle.

Hand Stripping

This is a specialised grooming method only neccessary for certain breeds. We are THE ONLY salon in the area that can hand strip and groom to show standard !! Handstripping is a very detailed and technical process.

It should only be undertaken by experienced PROFESSIONAL groomers. Many groomers in the area claim to 'handstrip' but can not do this process to the correct standard required.

All working breeds of dogs such as gundogs and terriers, were originally meant to be hand stripped.

It involves pulling out the wirey coat on top, to leave the soft undercoat. This normally needs professional grooms 2-3 times a year for terriers and 4-5 times a year for gundogs.
This form of grooming is slightly more costly, but in the long run, will cost you less as it doesnt need professional grooms as often as clipping and scissoring. This can be for breeds such as Wire Haired Fox Terriers, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Jack Russell Terriers and Airedale Terriers.
Spa Treatments
Want a little extra for your Very Important Pooch??..
..Then why not add one of our luxury pooch spa treatments to your groom...

**Pooch Spa Paw treatment**
Cleans, soothes and re-vitalises paws. Perfect for dogs who get itchy feet during th summer months due to pollen and debris. All natural and better than human grade ingredients!
The combination of vanilla and milk thistle lulls your pet to a revitalizing paw treatment.  The Spa fragrance is an inspired blend of vanilla and warm linden. Spa Bubble Bath soothes their paws and leaves your pet feeling refreshed.

**Blueberry Facial**
This mild, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not sting eyes. Great for all skin types and all ages of pets.

**Pooch Pawdicure**

Your little Prince or Princess will have their nails clipped and filed. Then a paw moisturiser will be applied to finish with paw wax. And why not go one step further, and choose one of our doggy nail varnishes?


**The Sparkle Package**

Available all year round, but it is especially popular around Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day and Halloween. Treat your pooch to first class pampering treatments to finish with a super stylish trim, colour spray or glitter spray. (Advanced Booking Required)





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